Industry: Hospitality

Location: Houghton Le Spring, UK

About the Client:

Serving up a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, a range of good home cooked food and drink alongside regular live entertainment, this pub continues to be a favourite of locals in the North East. We interviewed J.F, General manager of the establishment.

What challenges in your business or industry influenced you to look for a solution?

As a popular Inn, our bar and kitchen are vital to our business, and along with it comes significant energy usage. Like many independent businesses across the country, we try to save money where we can, especially if it’s on one of our major outgoings.

Did you have a previous solution that could no longer meet your company’s needs? If so, how did your needs change?

Whilst the Smart Utility Management consultant was helping us with pricing for our energy, he asked about our residential accommodation upstairs, and discovered that we were paying 20% VAT instead of the required 5%. The consultant then helped us fill out the relevant VAT declaration forms, which allowed us to recover over-payments from the energy supplier right from the beginning the contract.

Why did you choose our firm over our competitors?

The consultant was very professional and knowledgeable. They offered genuine friendly advice that made sense, everything was explained clearly. It’s also refreshing to have a company take the time to come and sit down in person, rather than being hassled by calls and passed around a call centre.

What did you find most attractive about our company and/or solution?

After the initial introduction of services and guidance through my current energy contract, it was clear that Smart Utility Management were authentic and a trustworthy company to work with for a solution. They seemed genuinely interested in benefitting the business.

What benefits have you experienced from working with us?

As stated, we saved a significant amount on our energy bills – 15% on our current contract costs. The added bonus was the VAT refund, which goes a long way to settings things right, which the previous energy supplier had overlooked. The process was simple and the team handled everything professionally.