Don’t worry. We are experts in the areas of energy and water. Our Team will provide all of the technical support required to help you, your Clients and your Members. We will also provide you with all of the necessary marketing support as well as access to our Business Development Team, who can host events on your behalf and attend face-to-face meetings with prospective Clients.
Most businesses are in contract, but that doesn’t prevent us from conducting a free analysis of their bills to identify areas we might be able to negotiate more competitive rates for them. We have relationships with most of the large UK energy suppliers, as well as some of the newer entrants. We can secure new rates for your Clients up to 12 months in advance of their current contract end dates.
Unless they have an exclusive arrangement with their broker or consultant, then there is no reason why they can’t take advantage of the services of Smart Utility Management. We can conduct a free analysis of their existing contracts and advise whether we can secure them more competitive rates. There is no obligation on the Client or Member to use us.
The process is very straightforward. We ask each Client or Member to sign a Letter of Authority (LoA) and provide us with their most recent energy bills. This allows the Smart Utility Management team to engage with their current suppliers to build a detailed profile of their historical data consumption. From there, we can engage with a range of energy suppliers and provide the Client or Member with a range of pricing proposals, designed to fit with their specific requirements around contract length and contract start date.
Our Marketing Team can offer a wide range of marketing supports and tools, ranging from copy for websites and email campaigns through to assistance in hosting events for your Clients and Members.
When we place one of your Clients or Members into a new energy supply contract, we are paid a commission by the relevant energy supplier. The value of the commission varies by contract, as does the phasing of payment. Smart Utility Management will share this commission with the relevant Partner. The percentage we share varies by Partner and is determined by a range of factors including the amount of time the Partner has invested in the sales and marketing process.