Businesses that have benefitted from our Energy Audits have gone on to implement energy saving measures that have provided a positive impact on their everyday business.

Some examples are shown below to give you a flavour of how our energy saving plans can assist you in saving money and improving workplace techniques.

Staff Engagement
Simple and effective, our staff engagement programme typically works with departmental managers and team leaders to embed changes to everyday work practices.

Motion Sensors
Working on motion, the sensors control lighting automatically, turning lights on and off ensuring no waste when areas are not in use.

Low Energy Lighting
Energy efficient lighting can make a big difference to the energy consumption with LED lights offering far more efficiency than the likes of strip lighting and halogen lighting.

Simply setting timers to control when lighting is on and off provides a significant amount of energy saving and provide a way of allowing businesses, particularly in retail and public places, to maximise use of displays and information boards outside the usual business hours but switch off at times when there is no traffic or footfall around.

Dimmer Controls
Sensors based on light will adjust the strength of lighting, reducing the power needed and reduce the amount of energy consumed.

These are just some of the techniques we will typically identify and advise on to help you improve your business. To start saving money today, contact one of our team of Energy Efficiency Auditors on 0191 300 8544

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