Depending on your needs, we are able to work with you to provide the best pricing solution to suit your business’s short to medium term plans. There are a range of pricing structures we can access on your behalf.

Fixed Price Procurement
For many businesses, annual fixed price energy supply contracts provide short to medium term solutions to keep their costs and planning on track. Fixed price contracts have become increasingly popular as businesses seek to secure price stability so they are not impacted when energy prices fluctuate.

The dangers, however, can be when businesses do not manage their contracts and find themselves out of contract, often paying over the odds for their energy. That’s where our Account Management Service adds value, we are always one step ahead for our customers ensuring we are negotiating new contract deals well in advance of end dates. Our customers can relax knowing their energy procurement is in safe hands.

Flexible Price Procurement
Flexible price procurement provides companies with the opportunity to take take advantage of wholesale price movements, purchasing batches of energy at more advantageous times such as dips in the market price.

Flexible procurement requires intelligence and expertise to assist and that is where we can provide second to none tailored procurement to help you benefit from low prices and risk management to maximise your profitability.

Consortium and Group Buying Procurement
Consortium and Group Buying Procurement provides SMEs access to flexible price procurement through collective energy purchasing. We pool our energy users to take advantage of more competitive energy tariffs often only available to larger energy users.

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