The Smart Utility Management Partner Programme

Smart Utility Management is a fast-growing energy and water consultancy with a strong reputation for delivering excellent customer service. Our company values are based on 4 key elements:
Trust, Quality, Commitment & Independence

Energy procurement and energy and water management can be highly complex. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you, your Clients and Members. We work with most of the UK Energy Suppliers, including many of the newer entrants. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not aligned to any one Supplier so we will always seek the most competitive tariffs for our Clients. In addition, we can advise them on solutions to reduce their energy and water consumption and, where appropriate, our Strategic Partners can manage the installation of a wide range of energy and water-saving technologies.

Our Partner Program provides a route for organisations to promote our comprehensive range of energy and water management solutions to their Clients and Members.

 How does the Smart Utility Management Partner Programme work?

We will provide you with all of the tools you need to market our services to your Clients and Members. Our Marketing Team can provide you with website copy, email content, branding support and event support. By working with us you will generate additional, regular income from your contacts and ensure that they benefit from better energy prices, energy and water savings and carbon reduction.

What products and services can we promote?

Smart Utility Management offers a broad range of services for business of all sizes. These include:

We will analyse the Client’s current contracts and use our relationships with the energy markets to identify the most competitive rates.
We can conduct on-site audits of Clients’ premises to determine where they are consuming energy and water and to identify areas where they can reduce costs.
We can install technology to enable the real-time measurement and monitoring of energy and water consumption.
Our specialist teams can analyse Clients’ water bills to determine whether they may have been over-charged or billed incorrectly. We will then act on behalf of the Client to recover rebates from their Water Supplier.
Working with a range of Partners we can facilitate the installation of a broad range of energy technologies which can deliver cost savings with rapid pay-back. These include smart metering solutions as well as renewable energy technologies.

To find out how you can become a member of the Smart Utility Management Partner Programme, please email, or contact the team on 0191 300 8544