Display Energy Certificates provide help to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Buildings’ efficiency ratings are benchmarked against national data providing information on how the building compares to similar properties. Based on the DEC, recommendations can be made to help improve energy efficiency and implement appropriate energy solutions. Display Energy Certificates are a requirement if the following applies:

  • The building floor space is over 500 metres.
  • Has some occupancy by a public authority or public service providing organisation.
  • The business is accessible by the public.

DEC is a legislative requirement and failure to comply can result in heavy fines. You must display a DEC in a visible place to the public within your building and failure to do so can incur a £500 fixed penalty charge. If you do not carry out the assessment and certification, a fine could be issued for £1000.

To ensure you avoid legislative penalties and benefit from the certification, contact our Energy Efficiency Team on 0191 300 8544