Since 2013 it has been a legal requirement for any commercial premise that is sold or let to have an Energy Performance Certificate produced.

EPCs provide an energy rating for the property using a scale of A to G to identify the efficiency of the building with A being the most and G being the least. EPCs provide recommendations to improve the efficiency of the building.

Failure to comply can result in a fine of up to £5000 when selling or renting a property. The EPC must be carried out within 7 days of marketing a commercial property and the certificate must be made available within 28 days.

You must have an EPC carried out when you sell or let your business premises, construct a new building or modify a building which then increases or decreases the number of rooms in the building.

Completing an EPC allows you to understand the efficiency of the building make up and energy systems that support the heating, lighting and ventilation of the property. By carrying out an EPC we can assist you to maximise your property and help make a difference to the cost and carbon footprint for your business.